Sunday, June 6, 2010

After Game Thoughts- Dragon Age: Origins (Spoilers)

Often in games, movies, books, etc... There are moments I start wondering "Will this end happily? Or tragically?" I always want to see a happy ending, naturally... But sometimes the tragic one is just so much more fitting.
Hence what brings me to my experience in Dragon Age. The game was great in normal Bioware fashion. It certainly had quite a few moments that made me laugh (intentionally or not, as you can see in my screenshot post) and all the characters were very rememberable and very well layered, but... The end of it brought me to tears.
Like many people who play these games, I try to stick as closely as possible to how the character would in games. In this case, my character Dia is a Do-Gooder to a fault... In almost Mary Sue-esque Fashion, she triest her best to do the best thing she can for others without breaking Moral codes... Safe to say though, this often leads to things not going 100% great for her.

For those familiar with the end of the game, the choice Morrigan gives you to save the life of Alistair or yours is available through a sort of Dark Ritual... If you're a female character then Alistair is the one who has to do the ritual... Alistair is also a main romance option in the game. In the case of Dia, she wanted dearly to do anything to keep both of them alive... Having been in love with Alistair, but... She couldn't bring herself to push him to go with the ritual. Thus she knew very likely one of them would die the next day.
Through the battle, the time to fight the Arch Demon finally came... I couldn't help but feel the emotional holding Dia would have on this situation... A moment before she'll never see the man she loves again, whether he or she fell... Naturally, she wanted one last moment with him...

After the a great battle with the Demon... Dia did eveything she could to be the one to kill the beast, to save the life of her loved one... Eventually managing to bring it down...
But to her despair... The beast was not yet dead, and Alistair had the same idea... He couldn't let her take the fall. Not letting her have a choice.

And thus... The Ferelden was saved, the Blight was over, Dia and her party were heroes, but... A lot of Dia was left feeling empty inside... Happy that she was able to save everyone, but once again, at the cost of things so dear to her. After the Victory ceremony, she decided to travel... She knew her duty to the Gray Wardens all too well, but she wanted some time on the road to herself, holding her memory of the Would-be King closely to her heart. Thus ending the fanfic... I mean Story of Dragon Age for Dia.

Knowing how It was going to end made it a little hard to finish the game, but... Honestly I feel satisfied with the ending.. Some day I may go back to my save before choosing whether to go through with the ritual or not to see how that turns out... Though it is ironic... For almost being a "CHARACTER WITH NO FLAWS", she has the most tragic endings in pretty much everything I've written with her in it comparetively to any other character, but... For now I feel its been wrapped up well enough, and it's time to get on with the list anyways. Safe to say, Dragon Age was to me, another great game from Bioware... They draw you in very well with their story and characters, connecting yours to you with the choices you make and ending it all very fittingly either way. I'm very glad I played through it. But as I said, next up is BIOSHOCK!

Also, I know this one was more Screenshot heavy than Drawings. Sorry about that, I'll try to make it up to you guys. I had a few planned, but Alistair is surprisingly hard to draw for me!


  1. Wow... Man, what an ending. And don't worry none about the drawlings... They help, but screenie's and text do just fine if you can't draw something you like.

    I'm veerrrry interesting to see what you'll think of Bioshock. I loved the game, and it really took me in, playing it all the way through in two sessions.

  2. Funny how these games can let you make up their story from your perspective.

    For my ending I decided to sacrifice myself to make up for the bad things I'd done. Did not help that Morrigan left me with all the good gear and levelling I had given her, the bitch. >:I