Friday, June 4, 2010

After Game Thoughts- Torchlight

I got Torchlight as a Christmas gift from a good friend of mine. I had previously tried the demo of it and couldn't help but feel everything was verrrry familiar...

I've had a fairly... extensive... relationship with Diablo 2, being a game my brother got me playing. We played online again, but eventually got bored and faded out. We got back into it when I ended up moving out of my parents house and into a house with him and my cousin before we had internet available (LAN POWER). Safe to say Torchlight has been both a huge case of dejavu, but also in some ways a breath of fresh air. I definitely enjoyed a lot of things... My Dog/Wolf named Zuul, being able to put points in skills without going down a long tree allowing for a lot more versatility, gemming things without having to worry about losing the gem or the socket, transforming my pet into various things for my amusement...

...And of course that feeling you get blasting EVERYTHING IN THE ROOM to oblivion with little effort at times.

Overall it has been a fairly fun and straight to the point game, but... It had some glaring things that kind irked me through it as well... For one, I found pretty much all Pistols were stronger than Rifles of an Equal level... So using a Pistol and a Shield or Dual Pistols (though Dual Wielding Combat isn't incredible, I found ) would still have more output than only having a Rifle.... Another odditiy is a lot of Rifles I found fired faster and had a lower average damage, which is a bit strange with the usual relationship between Speed and Size of Weapon. My friend reported the same thing for him with Melee weapons. The only other main thing that was a bit strange was... I started on Hard Difficulty because a friend said through normal he felt it was way too easy. Even on Hard the game was still fairly easy... In the second to last dungeon, hordes of enemies could get me down if I got swarmed or hit a couple times by some stronger ones, but not enough to stop me from chuggin them potions.

All the bosses were prettttty much pushovers as well... Some were a little more annoying than others (I'm looking at you, 2nd Dungeon Lich Boss thing), but no real threat...
The real challenge and bullshit moments came in at the final lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng dungeon (really, I started it about 2-3pm and ended it around 10pm). It was pretty much a massacre moments within stepping in. I could handle things that mainly meleed... Dragonkin, the Dark Zealots or whatever when not in huge groups... But what got me constantly were those dumb Zapper Skelly Summoning Bitches.
Problem, player?

They had a move that.. In true Diablo-esque electricity based magic style... Did like, 1-1,500+ damage. I was one shotted so many times I readopted the habit of dropping portals every where so I didn't have to pay the penalties to not have a longer trek back at times... There were also plentyyy of Hordes of enemies that'd give more trouble than previous levels, but those weren't a huge deal. Eventually after grinding, portal hopping and a sheer rage towards every daemonic creature in that hellhole, I did make it through. I didn't enjoy the Final boss, though... It's a bit of a Clusterfuck and a TEDIOUS GRINNNNNND... I died 5-6 just because of the sheer time he takes to get down, getting swarmed and just losing interest at times in the GRINNNNNDDDDD.... Which you'd think I'd be used to at this point.
Anyways... Overall, I did have my share of fun with Torchlight, outside of the final boss. It's a bit bummer it's Singleplayer only, but I do know they plan on making a MP version. Considering I got it as a gift and it was only like.. $4 during the sale I'd say I got enough out of it. I also only played it till I beat the story. After the final boss, you get an Infinite dungeon that matches to your level and such for new gear and shiz. Did I mention the Boss was a big grind?

Whatever, it's over now. 2 games down, many more to go!
Next up?


  1. That was a fun little read! The pictures help too. I couldnt get into Torchlight because I never liked the whole Diablo gameplay. But I do love Dragon Age, have fun with that.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. :D

    And yeah, Dragon Age is great. Looking forward to finish it up, shame I don't get to use all the crazy Screenshots I have from the past though. :C

  3. I really like how much you're putting into this. Can't wait to see more, and hopefully around for all of 'em :D

  4. If you'd like, I have a few amusing screenshots from DA I have in reserve.