Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bioshock and Alcohol don't mix

Surprising enough, for my love of Drunken Gaming, Bioshock hasn't been a very complimentary game to it. Both Saturday and Sunday I partook in it...

When I rented the game for 360 ages ago I stopped due to it feeling tedious... Getting to the point in which I had no ammo, no medpacks (I squander those things a little too easily), Wrench Only, Final Destination constantly against those Big Daddy bastards, I just up and said, "This is not enjoyable; good day game" and quit.
That feeling has still been around during my PC play through, but due to my determination to ice this list bit by bit, I press on as my viewers reproach my attempts (or cheer me on, you guys rock nevertheless). Add this to the fickle mannerisms of an inebriated mind and you have me walking off in random directions in pure bedlam, getting gunned down by turrets and wrenching Big Daddies in pure HATE. It's quite a Spectacle, I must assume, but eventually I get frustrated enough to flat out quit and fall face first on my bed to pass out.

But really... I've been enjoying the game so far for a good portion of it... The Atmosphere is definitely there and I can really appreciate the art direction they took because of it... Combat's all fun enough outside of Big Daddies, but goddamn... It is not meant to be played after 3 Coronas and a Sparks.

Probably doesn't help I suck at Pipedream too.


  1. Probably doesn't be played sober wither, but that's just me. 8D

  2. Gotta stop getting straight on the computer when I wake up.

  3. Way to go rummy! Keep pressing on! Wrench Only, Final Destination sounds like an awesome name for a TF2 server.
    Still wish I was able to be around to see this... I could watch the saved videos, but it's not the same. :c
    I'll make it one of these days

  4. I didn't even know you drink until a few days ago!